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is a manufacturer & trader and specialized in exporting Hardware, Tools, Machine & Fittings, Commodity, Gardening Products, Outdoors Products, Art work etc.Please visit our website:

Our company have 2 factories : Jiutai Tools Manufactory; FYF Hardware & Tools Factory; And we have more than 100 factories have a long-term cooperation relationship. We supply all kinds of Hardware, Tools, Machine & Fittings etc with more 2500 items & 12000 sizes to over 100 customers from worldwide
8/F,A building, Jiayi plaza. No.127, Renmin (E) Rd. Xinchang Shaoxing,Zhejiang,China.
LS 107
High Quantity Hand Saw

16" (400mm) 24/48pcs/Qty 18/16 Kgs Meas:52X40X22cm
18" (450mm) 24/48pcs/Qty 20/18 Kgs Meas:57X40X22cm
20" (500mm) 24/48pcs/Qty 22/20 Kgs Meas:62X40X22cm
22" (550mm) 24/48pcs/Qty 24/22 Kgs Meas:67X38X22cm
24" (600mm) 24/48pcs/Qty 26/24 Kgs Meas:72X40X22cm

* High Quality 65Mn steel
* Big Hard wood handle enwraped with soft rubber.
* Sharped teeth for 3 sides.harded point.
* Each packed with color sleeve.
* Hand Saw for wood working

* HS.Code: 82021000
LS 232
Top Quality Mitre Box Saw

12"(300mm) 24pcs/Qty G.W/N.W.: 20/18 Kgs Meas:44X32X65cm

* High Quality Tenon Saw.Sharped & harded teeth.

* High Quality ABS Frame

* Used for angle as 22.5, 45 & 90.

* Each packed with color paper Box.

* Mitre Box Saw for wood working

* HS.Code: 82021000
LS 729
Brick-laying Trowel

6" 120pcs/Qty G.W:18 kgs Meas:47x31x33cm
7" 120pcs/Qty G.W:22 kgs Meas:52x33x35cm
8" 120pcs/Qty G.W:27 kgs Meas:52x36x35cm
9" 120pcs/Qty G.W:35 kgs Meas:60x40x35cm
10" 60pcs/Qty G.W:20 kgs Meas:60x41x18cm

* Two color Plastic handle
* Made high quality carbon steel

* HS code:82055900
LS 976
High Quality Bow Saw

18" 24pcs/Qty G.W.:12kgs Meas:56X30X23cm
21" 24pcs/Qty G.W.:14kgs Meas:62X33X23cm
24" 24pcs/Qty G.W.:16kgs Meas:71X36X23cm
30" 24pcs/Qty G.W.:18kgs Meas:85X36X23cm

* Steel pipe,baking finish.
* Saw blade made of high Quality 65Mn steel
* Sharped teeth for 2 sides
* Packing with thin plastic bag.

* HS.Code:82021000
LS 1361
High Quality Water Pump Plier

Pump Pliers (Hole Joint Type)
Pinces Multippises,Type Reglable
Tenazas Para Bomba Hidraulica Modelo Encaje De Juntura


5"(125mm) Packing:12/240pcs/Qty G.W.:23 Kgs

6"(150mm) Packing: 6/120pcs/Qty G.W.:19 Kgs

8"(200mm) Packing: 6/120pcs/Qty G.W.:34 Kgs

10"(250mm) Packing: 5/60pcs/Qty G.W.:26 Kgs

12"(300mm) Packing: 5/40pcs/Qty G.W.:23 Kgs

14"(350mm) Packing: 5/20pcs/Qty G.W.:20 Kgs

16"(400mm) Packing: 5/20pcs/Qty G.W.:29 Kgs

* Made of high quality Carbon steel.
* Polishing for body.
* Comfortable rubber sleeve.
* Packing with paper box.

* HS. Code: 82032000
LS 2005
PVC Tube Cutter knife

1-5/8" (42mm) Packing: 50pcs/Qty

G.W.:22.5/kgs MEAS: 50.5X29X35 CM

* Heavy Type Tube Cutter knife

* Knife blade made of high quality carbon steel

* Cutting for PVC,PP-R tubes. The tube Max.
diameter: 1-5/8"(42mm)

* HS code:82055900
LS 2609
Hook Tower Bolts

4"x3/8" 12/240 pcs/Qty G.W.:30Kgs Meas:58x29x19cm

5"x3/8" 12/96pcs/Qty G.W.:18Kgs Meas:35x29x19cm

6"x 1/2" 12/80pcs/Qty G.W.:24Kgs Meas:34x28x21cm

8"x 1/2" 6/60pcs/Qty G.W.:23Kgs Meas:42x35x16cm

* Made of high quality Iron

* Galvanized on the surface.

* Packed with paper box.

* HS code: 83024100

LS 7015
LED Handed Lamp

15 LED Handed Lamp

Packing: 50 pcs/Qty. G.W.: 22Kgs MEAS:57x39x57cm

* Two colour ABS Shell Size: 103x71mm

* 1200mA.H.4V Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery.

* 15 LED LED Handed Lamp
Double switches model:5 LED & 15 LED.

* Packing with colour paper box

* HS.Code: 8513101000
LS 1585
High Qulity Aluminium Level

12"(300mm) Packing: 60 pcs/Qty
G.W.: 13 Kgs Meas: 32x31x28.5cm

16"(400mm) Packing: 60 pcs/Qty
G.W.: 17 Kgs Meas: 42x31x218.5cm

20"(500mm) Packing: 60 pcs/Qty
G.W.: 21 Kgs Meas: 52x31x28.5cm

24"(600mm) Packing: 60 pcs/Qty
G.W.: 25 Kgs Meas:62x32x38cm

32"(800mm) Packing: 30 pcs/Qty
G.W.: 15 Kgs Meas:82x32x20cm

40"(1000mm) Packing: 30 pcs/Qty
G.W.: 17 Kgs Meas:102x32x20cm

* Aluminum Alloy Body

* Heavy Level. Width 61mm,thickness 25mm.

* Yellow baking finished.Magnetism on working

* Comfortable ABS Handle.

* 3 water level bubble.

* Each packed with thin film wrap up.

* HS.Code: 90178000
LS 4060
Backpack Brush Cutter
Size: 42.7cc

* Standard Description:

Blade:1.Nylon cutter head 2.Three teeth blade

Matched Engine:1PE40F-5

Single cylinder,air cooling ,2 stroke

Displacement (cc): 42.7cc

Standard Power (KW/r/min):1.4/7000

Max.torque : 2.2n.m/5500rpm

Form of Carburetor:Diaphragm

Mixed Fuel Ratio:25:1

Tank Capacity (L):1.3

Diameter of Aluminum Pipe (mm):28

Working Form: Backpack

* Packaging: color box

Carton dimensions: 1670*220*610mm and 345*305*250mm

1pc/carton 7.8KG

* HS.Code: 84331100
LS 541
2 Pcs/Set Chalk Line Reels with writing ink

2 pcs/set 48pcs/Qty G.w.: 15 kgs Meas:41x32x52CM

* 15 m or 30m Chalk Line Reels,writing ink and spirit bubble.

* Packing with Blister card

* HS code: 9017200000

LS 778
PU Plastering Trowel






* Yellow color

* Made of high quality PUR material

* Regular pattern on underside.

* HS code: 8205590000

LS 433
High Quality 4 Pcs/set Wood Chisel

1/4" ,1/2",3/4" & 1"

Packing: 12/36Set/Qty G.W.:25kgs Meas:35x32x30cm

* High Quality CRV60 Steel.Forged. hardness:HRC58-62

* High Quality Handle.Made of PP+TPR.

* Packing with plastic hanger.

* HS.Code: 82053000
LS 2323
Top Quality Grease Gun For Industry

400CC 10pcs/Qty G.W.:13.5kgs MEAS: 41x29x32cm
500CC 10pcs/Qty G.W.:14.5kgs MEAS: 46x29x36cm
600CC 10pcs/Qty G.W.:15.0kgs MEAS: 45.5x27x34.5cm

* Top Quality Grease Gun.Made of precision steel tube

* Rubber skidproof sleeve.

* Pressure: 12000 Psi

* Packing with color paper box or plastic box.

* Usually MQO: 1000 PCS

* HS code:8424200000
LS 1015
Garden Shovel

27” 24 pcs/Qty G.W.: 15Kgs Meas : 68x26x35cm

* Made of high quality carbon steel.

* packing with paper box.

* HS.Code: 82011000