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Products name
Hooks & Eyes
LS 2640


1-1/2"x2.5mm 50L/Qty G.W.:45Kgs Meas:39x34x18cm

2"x2.5mm 40L/Qty G.W.:45Kgs Meas:54x26x28cm

2-1/2"x2.8mm 40L/Qty G.W.:43Kgs Meas:53x27x35cm

3"x2.8mm 30L/Qty G.W.:52Kgs Meas:56x33x24cm

4"x3.0mm 20L/Qty G.W.:45Kgs Meas:58x31x19cm

5"x3.2mm 15L/Qty G.W.:42Kgs Meas:40x31x31cm

6"x3.6mm 10L/Qty G.W.:36Kgs Meas:39x32x26cm

8"x3.9mm 5L/Qty G.W.:28Kgs Meas:48x37x14cm

10"x4.2mm 5L/Qty G.W.:37Kgs Meas:37x27x29cm

12"x4.5mm 5L/Qty G.W.:43Kgs Meas:37x26x34cm

* Made of Carbon Steel

* Galvanized for Hooks & Eyes

* packed with paper box.

* HS code: 83024100