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LS 726
Brick-laying Trowel

5" 120pcs/Qty G.W.:17/15 kgs MEAS: 45x28x32cm

6" 120pcs/Qty G.W.:18/16 kgs MEAS: 47x31x33cm

7" 120pcs/Qty G.W.:20/18 kgs MEAS: 50x33x35cm

8" 120pcs/Qty G.W.:22/20 kgs MEAS: 52x36x33cm

9" 60pcs/Qty G.W.:18/16 kgs MEAS: 57x41x18cm

10" 60pcs/Qty G.W.:20/18 kgs MEAS: 60x41x18cm

* Natural color wooden handle

* Made high quality carbon steel

* OEM produce

* HS code:82055900
LS 8000
Small Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Bearing Type:

* Deep Groove Ball Bearings 6200

No.: 628,629,6200 - 6218

* Bearings Quality Grade: 2RS, Z1,Z2,Z3

* Low shake,low noises,rotate precision high,low
friction moment,fine sealing property and low
price high quality,long performance life etc.

* The products are applied to the devices of
transmission extensively,such as motorcycle,
engine,electric tool,instrument and meter,etc.

* Packing with paper box or plastic keg

* HS.Code: 84821020
LS 868
High Quality Lopper Shear

30"(750mm) 12pcs/Qty G.W.:17kgs Meas:78X36X17cm

* Oval Steel Tubular handle

* Soft Sponge Grips

* High Carbon Steel knife blade 1-5/8"

* Lopper Shear for garden

* HS.Code: 82016000
LS 883
Adjustable Rakes

22T 60pcs/Qty G.W.:26kgs Meas:41X41X32cm

* Made of carbon steel.Baking finished.

* Adjustable Rakes,Heavy type.

* Rakes for agriculture.

* HS.Code:82013000
LS 912
Pruning Saw With Plastic Hanlde

270mm 60pcs/Qty G.W.:19kgs Meas: 57x42x50cm
300mm 60pcs/Qty G.W.:20kgs Meas: 60x42x50cm

* High Quality ABS+TPR Handle
* Made of high Quality 65Mn steel.
* A TPR sleeve.
* Packing with blister

* HS.Code:82021000
LS 959
Folding Saw

150mm 48pcs/Qty G.W.:11kgs Meas:46x26x26cm

* Comfortable ABS + TPR Handle

* Made of high Quality 65Mn steel,and edge made of
tungsten carbide YG8.

* Cutting for wood,plastic,Steel,Iron and Aluminium etc.

* Packing with color box.

* HS.Code:82021000